CoLab Amenities

We’ve Got More Than Just Fast Internet, Great People, & Lots of Coffee!

  • Kitchenette | Tea & Coffee

    Hang out, refuel take advantage of cool atmosphere, great people and roasted stimulants.

  • Conference Room

    Full separated conference room with presentation equipment. Book anytime if you’re on a monthly plan or pay by the hour.

  • Phone Room / Booth

    Keep your secret agent phone conversations private in a separate phone room.

  • High Speed Internet

    We’re in Fairfield, and we have the hook-up. You will not be able to scroll through instagram fast enough.

  • Flexible Workspace

    Find a free seat in the open Colab, reserve your own desk where you can keep your equipment or go for a full private office or office suite.

  • Social/Collaborative Work Environment

    Productive, energetic environment that isn’t your basement. Come for focused work or to meet people like yourself.

  • 24/7 Access

    If you pay for a monthly plan, you get really cool security access so you can use the space whenever you want.

  • Business Support & Networking Events

    Workshops on loan programs, financial services, business plan support, gov/biz representation, networking and more.

  • Printer / Scanner

    We fully support the library, but we’ve got that stuff too. So if you need to print, scan, or, for some insane reason, fax, why leave the office?