We’re happy that you are interested in becoming a member of the CoLab!

This application is meant to be as much fun as paperwork can be and contain only the necessary little detail-things. Any person that has an interest in the objectives of the Fairfield CoLab is eligible to be considered for membership.

The basics: Fill out this form and pay your membership dues. All fields are required. Within 24 hrs. you will receive an email either confirming your membership or asking for some more information. During this 24 hr. period you are welcome to use the CoLab during business hours, unless otherwise notified by someone from the CoLab. If for any reason your application is not approved, your membership dues will be refunded. Make sure to read the fine print in the agreement on and sign the last page (page 9 – whew, that’s a lot of pages).

The legal: Membership may be terminated by yourself or the CoLab at any time via written communication. If the CoLab terminates your membership, the written communication will include reasons for termination and a date of when your membership expires (ie. less serious reason : you haven’t renewed your dues OR more serious reason : you’ve shown conduct disruptive to the Fairfield CoLab or prejudicial to the aims or repute of the Fairfield CoLab ).


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