Fairifeld CoWorking Space Design Meeting

To all Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Knowledge workers, Coffee shop dwellers and basement lurkers,

The Bonnell Project, Planet Fairfield and FEDA are looking into the Viability of Organizing a CoWorking space in Fairfield and we want your input!

Come for FREE COFFEE and REFRESHMENTS and join us in our design process!

Some goals are:
– general review of project dev. so far
– free and open walk around of space…
– convene for rapid brainstorming to map out: major spaces & major components
– separate out into working groups on major spaces / components
– deliver outputs back to group & adjustments from whole group
+ break for coffee and snacks while sketch-up / xactimate crew does a rapid (20 min) spec design
– convene to view results!

Ps: here is a short video about co-working, in case you are wondering what we are talking about:

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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