Next Steps & Some Pics

We are ready to incorporate and establish a board of directors!

Friday’s Co-laborators discussed requesting board nominations from founding members. Which lead to the question who are founding/voting members?

It’s proposed for $35 you are established as a founding member with voting rights and access to the space for the opening month.
Founding members are also asked to collaborate on one of the committees charged with getting us off the ground.

Proposed committees are:

Marketing (promotion, creative assets)
Organization (Events, Co-working organization, By-laws, Membership)
Building (Design, Materials acquisition)
Fundraising (Private funds, Grants)
Finance (Pricing, Accounting)

So pony up your $35, submit a nomination for the board and select your committee (you can post nominations and committee choices on this thread).

Cash or checks payable to Fairfield Co-lab. Drop’em off at Bonnell (Roland), FEDA (Adam) or at the mobile Lee Ross office.

Nominations should be in by February 6th and vote will go up February 8th for the initial 5 person board. The board can make by-law changes and expand as need be after the initial vote in.

Connect on facebook or via the contact page on this site.

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